5 Myths About Coworking Spaces in Mumbai  

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In the last several years, coworking spaces in Mumbai have become quite popular and are growing tremendously for both large and small-sized businesses. We have already seen a massive transition (5%-10%) from traditional offices to coworking spaces in just the last year!  

However, in spite of several fact checks, still there are dubious thoughts among many about this transition from conventional to reality. 

The assumptions revolve around coworking spaces being associated with businesses that are pricey, the work environment stands noisy, there’s a lack of privacy, and so on. 

But where are these misconceptions coming from? Do they even analyse the fact? 

Let’s debunk all the myths about coworking spaces in Mumbai one by one till you get to see the actual picture .i.e when it comes to a professional setup for regular office work, nothing gets better than a shared office space with a corporate environment. 


1: Coworking in Mumbai is Costlier Than Renting Own Office

This assertion is completely false because coworking spaces don’t even come close to renting your own office. Instead of signing an annual contract, you can rent a space on a daily, weekly or monthly basis as per your requirements.  

There is flexibility and you will not need to look for a new office to work if the firm hires more employees in the coming months. Rather you can just rent and add some more desks in the same location.

The charges of a coworking space in Andheri usually depend on the quantity of staff, the area where the desk is located, the number of things used, etc. 

On the other hand, while renting an office, you need to rent a whole new setup again when new employees join in. And this can get costly with time as you have to pay rent for everything that the new office has. 


2: Coworking in Mumbai is Only for Freelancers and Individuals


Most people think that coworking is only for freelancers and individuals. But you do not need to buy that idea! 

Coworking is a diverse ecosystem that welcomes large corporations, independent businessmen, and everything in between. It draws people of all ages, ethnicities, experiences and skill levels. 

As per the requirement, one can expand the business and working space accordingly with readymade plug-n-play workstations to start with the work right from day 1. 

Not to mention, businesses are coming to understand the importance and flexibility that shared office spaces bring to their operations. 


3: Coworking Spaces in Mumbai Have Hidden Charges

When you rent a full office setup on an annual basis, you would only be paying for the floor area that you would be using. 

The rent of the tables, desks, electricity and other miscellaneous items may not be included; you need to purchase them or rent them separately. Sometimes a full office setup comes up with hidden charges too as your business grows. 

While on the other hand, there are no hidden charges when it comes to renting a coworking space. All the expenses are already included in the contract and you will be paying exactly for what you would be using in the coworking space for freelancers.


4: Coworking in Mumbai is Noisy and Distracting

This is very untrue. Business workspaces continue to exist in the coworking space and have a similar environment to that of an office. There is a wide network of like-minded professionals from various backgrounds in coworking spaces who are mostly focused and motivated in their work.

They value work and do not like interrupting others. However, interacting with them through significant talks can help in getting inspired. In such an environment, you can expect to develop respect and appreciation, and grow further. 

But in case, you find the environment to be unsuitable, then you can shift to another area of the space as per your demand. At the same time, keeping the possibility of natural interaction in mind, there are private conference rooms and lecture rooms for private gatherings available too.


5: Coworking in Mumbai Is for extroverts

You would hear people telling you that coworking is only for extroverts. But if you are thinking of trusting them, you need to wait! This is a complete myth. 

People having diverse personalities can opt for such spaces to work in. However, what is crucial is finding a workspace that suits your personality, your taste and your working lifestyle. 

Doing this will help you to blend in perfectly and discover that no one out there is an extrovert and neither you are going to be one. Rather it will help you to become more focused and work conveniently as you always wanted.



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